Wednesday , September 28 2016

Fashion and use of summer hats for women

sun hats for women

Except from all the fun that it brings, summer is known for different styles being shown during it. It is the time when you can experiment with your style and feel great no matter which you choose. Colorful outfits, bikinis, skirts, shorts and dresses are just some of the things ...

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Perfect Women shorts

womens shorts

Are you a woman and prefer versatile look? Add shorts in your wardrobe now with different designs, color and material. Fashionable women shorts for you. Short shorts: The shortest in length but not suitable for women with short legs since it shows off ones thinness. Since everyone has a different ...

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Dita Von Teese Lingerie- the inside story

dita von teese lingerie

Dita Von Teese nee Heather Sweet of West Branch, Michigan, spent her growing days in fascination of the classical lingerie and the Hollywood. This influenced her to become a glamour girl and she later went on to become a burlesque heroine and finally became a fashion designer with specialty in ...

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Why people love to have tony lama boots

tony lama boots

Tony lama is a name known by shoe lovers all over the world. Tony lama is one of the most recognized western boot brands for over a hundred years now and has crazy following across the globe. Crazy followers of tony lama boots admire and love their footwear. For them, ...

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Traditional European Peasant tops

peasant tops

Inspired from traditional European style peasant tops are normally characterized with puffy sleeves and square neckline. However as the fashion industry progressed different designers embed their signature style to peasant tops. Today you will see much variation in the conventional peasant top design. Popularity in summers Peasant tops are a ...

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traditional wedding dresses

Wedding is certainly one of the most important days in our lives. Be it a man or a woman, everyone wants to look extra special on this memorable day. But women are found more selective, conscious and excited about their looks. Lady of the day wishes to look like a ...

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The Right Way To Clean Black Evening Dresses

black evening dresses

After partying, the next big thing when you are back home is to clean your dress so you keep it clean and ready for the next evening function you’ll attend. Cleaning a party dress is not the same as cleaning your regular ones. That’s why there are rules for cleaning ...

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The Comfort of Wearing Black High Waisted Shorts

black high waisted shorts

Shorts are a popular wear especially during summer and when sporting. However, not every short out there is good for wearing at such great moments when we need freedom and a lot of air. For those of us who love shorts, we know how it’s very comfortable to wear black ...

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Fashion Rules For Black and White Shoes

black and white shoes

We all know how black and white are beautiful colors that we must have somewhere in our clothing. White reflects all the colors while black on the other hand absorbs all colors. Well, what this means is that you can wear your black and white shoes with any other color ...

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